Woo, published website!

So my first site out of Web 1 is completed and is published here. I was up finishing it… a while. But I am satisfied with how it turned out.

I ended up making quite a few minor changes in the layout of some of the information. Dropped all of the text clutter that was in the header down to the footer, and tried to make the site as immediately readable as possible.

The biggest thing that I am at least mildly proud about is getting that dropdown menu to work, which was super tricky. It just did not want to behave for me. And while the dropdown doesn’t look exactly how I imagined in the idealized photoshop mockup, I’m still feeling pretty good about it. And it anchors to the different menu categories, which could be useful for a bigger menu.

I learned a lot. Used a lot of stuff I already knew but tried to integrate some new stuff as well..

…besides how to make an image slider out of pure css/html. Didn’t want to go down that road so it’s a faux slider place holder. Good enough.

Woo, published website!